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Our story

Our passion for design, love for nature and interest in entrepreneurship converged into building this brand around natural products. We envision being a company that not only helps our planet in a meaningful way but also the people that inhabit it.

We strive towards building a brand that is committed to promoting a healthier relationship between humankind and nature by developing high grade products from natural renewable resources. Our goal is for our products to make a difference by inspiring us to live in a more authentic and sustainable way.

Unique is what we do

All of our products are crafted from real wood, which have a different and unique grain pattern. Wood, one of our favourite materials is not only versatile, environmentally friendly, sustainable but is always different - every inch of wood has its own character.

Eco friendly


We are commited to actively promote the planting of new trees, in collaboraion with reforestation projects.


We only use sustainable woods coming from sustainably managed forests. Sustainability in this context means that the forest should still be there for your grandchildren and great grand-kids, able to soak up carbon emissions and keep our air clean for generations while protecting our wildlife.


We process the wood by hand with natural oil (free from pollutants). This gives the raw wood a fair natural shine that also allows it to age beatifully over time - it also doubles as protection against water and dirt.

More features

Sustainably Sourced

We are reducing our carbon footprint by buying sustainable materials, thus making our products longer-lasting, more valuable and lessen harmful environmental impacts.

Custom Engraving

Make a strong brand impression with precision laser engraving on our world class customizable products. If you don’t have a logo you can also customize by lasering your name or your favourite quote onto our products.

Handcrafted in Cyprus

Our products marry both old school craftsmanship and cutting edge technology - all handcrafted and assembled in Cyprus. Every product is hand sanded to create a super smooth exterior.

Eco Friendly Packaging

We are committed to using environmentally friendly packaging products while protecting the health and safety of our global community.

Meet the Founders

Bogdan Maslesa

Co-Founder / Sales and Management

A young enthusiastic individual, operating within the luxury design industry.

Stelios Christoforou

Co-Founder / Design and Developement

Problem-solver with a key interest in bridging gaps between traditional business models and new technology.

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